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    Professionalise your brand presence on Amazon

    1. Amazon Brand Overhaul
      • Ensure all your trademarks are correctly registered with Amazon.
      • Ensure all products are assigned with the correct brand.
      • Ensure each product is assigned to the most relevant (highest volume) category.
      • Tackle brand abuse: File trademark infringement cases against offending companies. Check for counterfeits or unauthorised use of your brand. Assist with Amazon "hijackers".
    2. Enhanced Brand Content
      • Creation of an attractive storefront for your business
      • Creation of enhanced brand listings
      • Use your brand's copy and style to attract new customers
      • Use Amazon to find new customers and drive traffic to your brand's website
    3. Competitor Review
      • Compare your ranking vs competitor ranking on 1000s of keywords
      • Uncover relevant competitor tactics
      • Understand your competitor's advertising strategies

    Put your listings to the test and GROW your sales

    1. Professional Keyword Research
      • Perform a full keyword analysis for each product
      • Understand short tail and long tail keywords competitiveness and ease to rank
      • Identify keywords to target in listings and ad campaigns
    2. Amazon SEO & Listing Optimisation
      • New keyword driven copy: Title, Bullets, Description, Back-end Keywords
      • Translations with relevant keywords for all EU marketplaces
      • Management of Amazon communication to address unconfirmed page changes
      • Photography and review advice
    3. A/B Testing
      • Undertake tests to discover the optimum strategy for
        • Price
        • Features
        • Images
        • Descriptions
        • Back-end keywords

    Run high converting ads

    1. Create targeted campaigns

    We will help create campaigns for all different advertising strategies including:

    • Increased brand awareness
    • Increased product sales
    • Increased keyword ranking
    • Targeting competitors

    2. Reduce your Advertising Cost Of Sales (ACOS)

    • Reduce your overall cost of advertising sales to increase margin
    • Target specific high converting keywords

    3. Monitor progress and maximise sales

    • Continue to review and modify advertising campaigns to keep ACOS and sales high
    • Update to reflect seasonal trends

    Launch new products

    1. Before launch
      • Understand keyword volumes in detail before sourcing new products
      • Uncover less competitive niches
      • We methodically study 1000s of competitor reviews for common complaints and concerns and distill the key outcomes in a 1-page document.
    2. Launch
      • Organise giveaways
      • Run specific Amazon launch promotions
      • Off-platform strategies
    3. After Launch
      • Collect customer data
      • Gain positive reviews
      • Build customer loyalty 

    Chat to your customers

    1. Define your Chatbot strategy

    • Build an audience
    • Increase sales
    • Customer service 
    • Increase reviews

    2. Develop Chatbots optimised for Amazon

    • Design and build chats that help grow your Amazon business

    3. Increase brand loyalty

    • Provide a scalable, best in class, customer experience 
    • Drive traffic to your own website and social media  
    • Create giveaways to increase audience connectivity
    • Launch new products to existing audiences

    Spot red flags early

    1. Receive Regular Reports on KPIs

    • Keyword ranking 
    • Advertising optimisation
    • Sales reports
    • Conversion rates

    2. Business Intelligence Email Alerts

    • Third party sellers listing your products
    • Losing the Buy box
    • Pricing updates
    • Returns/Refunds
    • Amazon fee inaccuracies

    3. Monitor Competitor Landscape

    • Competitor pricing
    • Competitor sales
    • Keyword Ranking
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