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    From £2950 p/m (Min. 12 months)

    You are a retailer with 20 or more SKUs and you want to professionalise your business on Amazon. You think there is more potential for your products on Amazon, but so far it has been a somewhat painful and relatively unsuccessful process. Your products are generally selling well on your own website and you may have several other distribution channels also.


    We will build a 12 month plan together with you to optimise your Amazon account for maximum growth potential. We can also manage your Seller or Vendor Central account for you upon request.



    You are a smaller retailer or a startup with high potential products, but you don't want to pay upfront for our services. You believe there is a good market for your products on Amazon and you wish to explore a revenue sharing agreement with us.


    After reviewing your business and product lines, we can make you a proposal for our services. We will establish a baseline sales number together with you and take a percentage of your increased Amazon sales over a minimum period of 12 months time.


    From £500

    Whilst we generally prefer to work with clients who are committed to work with us on a longer term basis, we also recognise some of our clients benefit from our expertise on a case-by-case basis.


    Some examples of single projects could include:


    Keyword research

    Listing optimisations

    Setting up PPC ad campaigns

    Help with a product launch


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