• Masterclass: Amazon Selling for Beginners

    Become an Amazon Machine!

    Learn everything you need to know to start your eCommerce business on Amazon.


    I’m organising a Mastermind in Amazon selling for beginners.

    It will teach you everything you need to know to get going on Amazon.

    It will be very actionable, practical advise and huge VALUE for anyone new to eCommerce. (via Amazon or otherwise)

    Early Bird Tickets are available NOW!



    Central London (venue to be specified)


    Date and time to be released soon

    Pricing (excl. VAT)

    Early Bird Tickets: £75 (Only 5 Available)

    Full price tickets: £149 (Still a BARGAIN)

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    About Me

    Joppe Coelingh Bennink

    I run a successful eCommerce business and an Amazon consultancy business focused on advising established online retailers on their Amazon strategy. Before I started my eCommerce company and advisory firm, I used to sell financial software to Investment Banks and other financial institutions.


    I have spent countless hours trawling Facebook groups, attending masterminds, listening to podcasts and going back-and-forth with Amazon's support teams. I gradually became somewhat of an “expert” (I don’t really like that word as there is always more to learn) in ranking products on Amazon. I often get people who are new to Amazon asking me for advice, so I decided to provide an opportunity to share my skills and knowledge with a select group of new sellers or other participants via this event.


    P.S. This my be the only time I run this event so DON'T MISS OUT!


    What You Will Learn

    You can expect at least the following topics to be discussed:

    • Finding product ideas using tools and data
    • Product sourcing (And how to navigate Ali Baba and China)
    • Organising Factory Inspections
    • Shipping and Freight Forwarding
    • Storage, Fulfilment and Returns (how to prevent filling up your spare bedroom with stuff)
    • Keyword Research
    • Listing Optimization
    • Amazon SEO
    • How to get more reviews
    • Key financial ratios you need to pay attention to from the beginning.
    • How to deal with VAT
    • Choosing an accountant
    • Online tools

    And much more! Looking forward to see you there.

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